By A.Kumar

Neem के पत्ते और फल से होने वाले फायदे

1. Stop Nasal Bleeding 2. Treatment of Ear Problems 3. Cure Eye Problems 4. Treatment Dental Disease 5. Cure of TB Disease

6. Asthma 7. Cure Stomach Bugs 8. Acidity Problem 9. Cure Stomach Pain 10. Stop Dysentery

11.Stop Vomiting 12.Piles Treatment 13.Fighting with Jaundice 14.Cure Kidney Stone 15. Healing Nipple Wounds

16.Relief from Vaginal Pain 17.Cure Menstrual Problems 18.Leucorrhea Treatment 19.Post Delivery Problems 20.Cure Syphilis

21. Skin Infections 22. Treat Digestion Related 23. Treat Pimples 24. Get Relief from Mouth Ulcer 25. Control Cholesterol

26. Blood Purification 27. Treat Cancer 28. Antibacterial Property 29. Heat Stroke 30. Purifies Blood

31. Elephantiasis Treatment  32. Cure Chicken Pox 33. Contraceptive 34. Cure Syphilis 35. Leucorrhea Treatment

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